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  Submersible slurry pump Use ultrasonic method to detect whether there is cavitation in the submersible slurry pump. This method is often convenient for re detection. Even if there is some noise in the surrounding environment, it will not affect the detection results. Therefore, many pumps often have better measurement results when in use.  According to the user&#;s requirements, the motor can add a variety of protection devices such as water inflow detection and overheating, so that the product can operate safely for a long time under adverse working conditions.Barry,  For /g-g gravel pump, which belongs to large-diameter slurry pump, it is necessary to remove the impeller removal ring and rotate the impeller in the opposite direction.   The fixing method of the impeller is changed from screw thread to key clamp to prevent the impeller from falling off and causing damage!Corralillo,  If the pressure in the local area is equal to or lower than the vaporization pressure corresponding to the water temperature in the flow process, the water will vaporize there and form many small bubbles mixed by steam and gas. The cavitation phenomenon is due to the bubble action when these small bubbles flow from the low-pressure area to the high-pressure area in the water pump,   There is also a vibration method to measure the vibration frequency of the pump, and the measurement is relatively simple. However, when using one method, the measurement results may have some errors. When using the submersible slurry pump, there are other vibration sources that will affect the measurement results, so it is actually the main  Work no noise and vibration, and the site is cleaner.

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  Its main features are as follows: the whole machine is a dry-type motor pump structure. The motor is protected by mechanical seal, which can effectively prevent high-pressure water and impurities from entering the motor cavity. In addition to the main impeller, it is also equipped with a mixing impeller, which can pump out the slag settled at the bottom after stirring into turbulence. impeller   Reduce maintenance costs. After the deployment of the fire pump it also needs to be maintained regularly. Manual maintenance requires a lot of manpower,BarryUsed pipeline pump, material and financial resources, and the maintenance cost is very high. The use of cf fire control cabinet can greatly reduce these maintenance costs  It, generator and market formed at the beginning of construction have gradually formed a certain scale after more than ten years of rapid development. In the early stage, in order to meet the needs of market development, generators and other mechanical and electrical products were collectively moved to the phase II market for operation. With a good business environment, water pumps and generatorsinvestment,  When the submersible slurry pump works, the pump needs to be placed on land the suction pipe needs to be placed in water, and the pump needs to be started. Due to special structural requirements, the slurry pump and submerged slurry circulating pump need to be placed above the water surface, so they need to be fixed,BarryCarbon steel explosion-proof pipeline pump, otherwise the motor will fall into the water   When adding lubricating oil to the pump at ordinary times, the metering must be controlled, and the excess lubricating oil in the pump must be discharged and replaced regularly.  During normal operation, some even as high as ℃. In this case, it is easy to burn the motor and replace it with a new one. In fact, one motor burns out at this time. Don&#;t worry about replacing it. You must find out the cause of the motor&#;s heating,  Extend service life. In fact the normal operation of the pump is closely related to the shaft seal.Test method,BarryQuotation slurry pump, the submersible slurry pump is widely used in many lives, and there is a very important component water seal in the pump, which can separate the pump body from the motor, so it mainly plays a role in use   The casing ground wire of the electric pump shall be connected in strict accordance with relevant regulations. When the electric pump is running, it is strictly prohibited to work or move in the water of nearby devices or people, in case of accidents caused by the power distribution of the electric pump.   First of all, let&#;s understand the causes of insufficient liquid supply: If the liquid level stored in the circulating liquid storage tank is lower than %, then insufficient liquid supply will occur when it is in use. Or the pump adds too much lubricating oil, which leads to accumulationBarry,  Other ysts believe that, at least in recent years, the situation of power shortage will continue, and China&#;s economic growth trend will maintain a high speed. Therefore, the contradiction between power supply and demand is still prominent in recent years, which is undoubtedly an opportunity for it and the generator industry. In water pumps and generators, especially   When the power supply voltage is too low, the pump will be overloaded, it may be lower than the rated voltage, so the current in the stator winding will also be  There will be no insufficient liquid supply or other problems.

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